High Hopes for this draft.

Boy I love this draft. If these guys work out, the Bills got exactly what they needed. A true shutdown corner, starting left tackle, deep threat receiver, two punishing linebackers who are also great leaders, and a couple of backup offensive linemen.

Great job Buddy. Don’t listen to the douche bag Buffalo media who wants to rag on every little thing. I think you did a great job.

One understated thing is that Buddy and Chan are doing what Marv said he would do….draft character guys. Leaders. No assholes that you have to worry about off the field. No pompous players. These are all guys that are easy to root for. Overachievers who really seem to like each other and act like a team. Follow these guys on twitter: Stevie, Aaron Williams, Drayton, Super Mario, Wood, Levitre, Jasper, Nelson, Fred, Sheppard, Wilson…et al. These are damn fine men.



Deep Bills Draft Thoughts

I love Buddy Nix.  But I don’t believe a lot that he said this week. Like:

Bills interested in Barron.  I think he is trying toget someone like Dallas to trade ahead of him so his guy falls.

Bills will take Tannehill.  Same thing.  If Miami passes, Buddy wants to make sure someone trades up to get him.

Now the trade up to take Kalil does make some sense, if he is serious about that.